The role of the Sardinero Group is to bring joy and happiness to all the people in Murcia and visitors, by organising the biggest public celebration of the year. The goal is to make the Entierro de la Sardina the most attractive touristic event in the Región de Murcia. All it’s members are passionate about the celebration, Murcia and it’s culture that is why they put all their efforts into making it an international event.

If there is a word that defines this celebration, it has to be generosity. A clear example of this is the more than 2 million toys and more than 500.000 balls given away every year. It is also an inclusive event, that celebrates tolerance, respect and innovation alongside the promotion of murcian culture. But there is one feeling that everybody shares and it is the love for the people, for Murcia and for the Entierro de la Sardina.


The executive committee manages, organizes and plans the Entierro de la Sardina and the group’s calendar. It is chosen democratically every 4 years and since 2017 the members are:

President: José Antonio Sánchez López

President Assistant: Gregorio González Sánchez

Social Vice-president: Ginés Lardín Celdrán

Economic Vice-president: Enrique Llobregat Mompeán

Secretary: Francisco Javier Valverde Cegarra

Treasurer:Patricio Hernández Pastor

Accountant: Alfonso Tormo Albaladejo

Members: Ramón Megías Amat, Raúl Martínez García, Carlos Alberto Briones Ramos y Juan García Álvarez

President Adviser: José Ruiz Berenguer

Faults and sanctions committee

President: José Garre Saura

Members: Miguel Sánchez Benítez y José Tomás Martínez Cascales

” It is magical and fills you with hope to parade with the Sardineros, because they make so many children happy”

Ruth Lorenzo, singer, Doña Sardina 2012