Agrupación sardinera: The committee in charge of the organization and management of the celebration. Chosen democratically every 4 years. They are passionate about the Entierro and Murcia, that why it’s such a spectacular event.

Balón: You’ll have to fight for it, but it will be worth it. Balls and footballs are the most appreciated toys for children. You can’t leave without one.

Carrozas: Mythological themed construction moved by tractors or other vehicles. The sardineros ride on top of them and throw out toys to the audience.

Catafalco: It is the statue of the sardine that is later burnt in the main street of Murcia.

Charanga: Learn this word if you don’t know it because you’re going to hear about it a lot. The party is in the streets thanks to these musical groups. They can play any songs you can think of.

gran pez y doña sardina

Doña Sardina: She is the godmother of the celebration as is usually a popular celebrity from Murcia. She is in charge of taking the Entierro out of murcian borders and we look after her really well. She is also in charge of reading the Sardine’s Testament and she lights up the sardine with the Gran Pez.

Gran Pez: Godfather of the celebration. Usually a popular celebrity from Murcia. He is in charge of taking the Entierro out of murcian borders and we look after him really well. He is also in charge of lighting up the sardine with Doña Sardina.

Hachón: Flare that they carry around and gives the name to the Hachoneros.

Hachonero: They are the loyal companions of the sardineros. They carry a flare called Hachón and you will see them dancing and having fun.

Marinera: It is one of the best tapas in Murcia. It’s a crunchy kind of cracker with murcian salad on top, usually decorated with an anchovy. An explosion of flavours that you can’t miss.

Paparajote: Lemon is one of the most murcian things you can find. This fried dessert has a lemon leaf inside that gives it it’s unique flavour and aroma. But you can’t eat the leaf! It is covered in a cinnamon and sugar dough. Not for savoury palates.

Pastel de cierva: It’s a sweet and savoury unique combination. It is a sweet pastry pie filled with chicken meat and boiled egg. Any time is good for it.

Pastel de carne: It’s a meat pie. You can have it as a quick dinner or a snack. It is made with minced meat, Spanish ham, boiled egg and tomato in a ring-shaped puff pastry. It is an intense flavour, nice at any time.

Pérez Casas: It is one of those places where people go to have tapas and drinks in the afternoon or at night. The street is full of outdoor bars and music.

Pito: The whistle is one of the main characters in this celebration. You have to have one and use it!

Pitocrónica: It is the story about the Entierro de la Sardina told in a comic way by the pitocrónico.

Plaza de las Flores: The best place to have an appetizer at noon. Full of sun and flowers, if you don’t visit this square, it’s like you never came to Murcia.

Sardinero: It is the name of the members of the sardinero groups. You will easily find them in the crowd because they wear bright coloured clothing. If you want a gift, it’s them you have to find.

Testamento: It the comic satire speech that speaks about the political and social moment in Spain. Doña Sardina is in charge of reading it from the balcony of the Town Hall. The last syllable of each sentence is repeated by the audience.

– Sardinero Anthem –
Albricias, sardineros. La cabalgata llega.
La anuncian los jinetes y un clamor de trompetas.
Trueca la noche en día. El aire se empavesa, con iris de bengalas, y crepitar de estrellas.
Con zumo de ilusiones el corazón se llena y brinda por el triunfo de Palas Atenea.
Tal es el sortilegio de esta fiesta ideal que aquel que lo haya visto no la olvida jamás.
– Estribillo –
Maravilloso cortejo sardinero llenas a Murcia de tu ilusión y hasta su noble escudo retorcido es una roja flama de hachón.
En la abrileña noche, cuando el Entierro pasa, despierta Murcia en una salutación pagana.
Júpiter nos preside. Vulcano da en su fragua y Venus, cual la luna, brilla, desnuda y casta.
Resurja como antaño la admiración murciana entre el humo votivo de hachones y bengalas.
Léguese el entusiasmo haciendo perdurar el abolengo de esta fiesta tradicional.
Maravilloso cortejo sardinero llenas a Murcia de tu ilusión y hasta su noble escudo retorcido es una roja flama de hachón.

“The Entierro de la Sardina is create from a number of different activities. It’s not a one day thing”

Kike Boned , Indoor football player